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I am a painter and art historian living near Munich in Germany with my little daughter, even littler son and husband. I adore artworks from romantic painters, like William Turner and 19th century impressionists, which have a big impact on my creative work.

Studying art history at university not only enabled me to visually analyse and comprehend paintings on several levels, but also made me realize how important art is for our cultural identity as a society and for our personal well-being. Painting makes me happy and taking up painting full-time was the best decision I could make.

For me, artworks make your home unique and comfortable and add a touch of magic to everyday trivia. 

I strongly believe that bringing art into your home

adds value to your life.


My goal as an artist is to capture a moment, a certain mood that can be felt rather than put into words. 

A painting is always a plain canvas that comes to life. It evolves and changes during the process of formation. I aim to convey the viewer with the beauty of this creative process, which also becomes part of the painting. In the end, the painting will be a source of calmness, inspiration and reflection. 


I want my paintings to make you pause for a moment,

 dream and immerse into the calmness of nature.


My inspiration as an oil and watercolour artist derives from the overwhelming beauty and force of nature - the reflection of the sun on water's surface, the wind whipping up the waves, the rustling of leaves on a peaceful summer's day.

When I pick up my brushes I am completely at ease with myself: painting is such a peaceful and balancing progress that makes me reflect on the beauty of the world and allows me to forget time and place.

It is a great honour for me to create pieces of art that fill other people's homes with joy!

This quaint little house south of Munich, near the Lake Starnberg, is the place where I create my artworks. 

I designed it with my mum and it turned out just perfect. It feels like a place far away, very idyllic and quiet, even though it is set in our garden, overlooking the lawn, flowerbeds and apple trees. The maritime, blue and mostly white theme of the studio is very calming and inspiring. 

I usually work here in the mornings when the children are at school. You will find me listening to different kinds of music, depending on my mood and paint for hours without interruption, getting lost in my work. 

Sometimes I even find time in the afternoons and at the weekends, with the kids playing in the studio or garden. I love them being around while I paint and they sometimes feel inspired to create as well.

If you would like to visit my studio, please send me an email to set up an appointment. I would love to meet you!


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