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Enchanted Woodland

Enchanted Woodland

Original Oil Painting "Enchanted Woodland", 40 x 50 cm, Oil on Canvas


This painting of a knobby rhododendron tree is full of colour and twinkling lights. I painted it with so many small brushstrokes and in many layers, which also adds a depths and a certain magical air to the painting.

The inspiration for this painting comes from a walk on a sunny day in June in Sheringham Park, which is close to the Norfolk Coast in England. My children loved playing amongst the colourful leaves beneath the rhododenron bushes, climbing the bending branches, exploring hidden corners behind the shrubs. A truly magical and inspiring place and a painting that will make you pause for a while and reflect on the beauty of nature.

The painting has been created with high-quality oil paints on canvas. It comes ready to hang. The sides of the canvas have been painted and it is signed on the right hand side.


  • INFO

    * Please keep in mind that all computer and mobile phone monitors display colour differently. The colours of the original painting or print may vary slightly from the image on screen.

    ** I advise you not use the interior photographs on the website as a guideline to what the painting will look like in your place. Please use the dimensions given above to measure out the painting and get an idea what it will look like once hanged.

540,00 €Price
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